Sometimes Students Die - A Novel

Losing a student to suicide is the hardest thing that any educator can face.  Minho Park had an uncommon and awkward charisma that made his passing all the more painful.  No amount of training or experience could prepare his advisor, Peter Cahill, to receive the letter that would ask him to help his family understand. The problem is, they live in Tokyo.

Following the death of his beloved freshman, Peter struggles to justify leaving his wife and unborn son to chase a life-long dream of travelling to Japan by veiling it behind the bequest of a boy he barely knew. What begins as an attempt to retreat becomes a soul-search for the lengths that one man will travel in the name of his own son by helping a broken family put theirs to rest.

There are sacrifices to be made, tears to be shed, laughter to be shared, and lessons to be learned with every student we encounter. Sometimes Students Die is a story of family and culture and learning the value of letting go.  

Click the image below for a PDF of the First Six Chapters of Sometimes Students Die